Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under Rs.5,000

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under Rs.5,000

If you’re looking for the best noise canceling headphones under 5000 in India, it is difficult to find the right answer as there are so many options in the market, which makes your decision all the more difficult. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best noise-cancelling headphones under 5,000 so you can choose the best headphones on the market.

1. JBL Tune 700BT

JBL Tune 700BT
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Up to 27 hours Battery Life
  • Quick Charging support
  • Hands-Free calling with Access Controls

The Tune 700BT is JBL’s affordable over-ear wireless headphones. The JBL Tune 700BT has a premium and sophisticated retro design with exposed cables and metal hinges. 

In terms of build quality, the Tune 700BT has a premium design with solid build quality. The headband of the headphone is completely made out of hard plastic material with durable metal hinges. The faux leather on the earcups feels good while listening to music, providing a comfortable and decent fit on the ear. 

When it comes to sound, the JBL Tune 700BT offers a balanced sound signature created with DJ in mind. These affordable headphones deliver deep, punchy bass, suitable for listening to a wide range of genres and content.The frequencies of the mids and other sounds are good and provide excellent sound suppression.

The JBL Tune 700BT wireless headphone comes equipped with a 610mAh Lithium Polymer battery pack under the hood, delivers up to 27 hours playtime with optimum volume level in single charge. Thanks to the Quick Charging support, which juices up the battery within 2 hours via 3.7V charging input supply.

JBL Tune 700BT has a Hands-Free calling with Access Controls on Earcups, which provides complete media control on the headphone.

The dual pairing feature in the headphone allows you to pair two devices simultaneously and also allow switching between two devices. If you are looking for best noise Cancelling headphones under Rs.5,000, then the JBL Tune 700BT wireless headphone is an excellent option for you. 



2. Boult Audio ProBass Anchor

Boult Audio ProBass Anchor
  • Good sound quality
  • 30 hours battery life
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Foldable design
  • Active Noise Cancellation

Boult is an Indian brand, popular for its affordable audio equipment. Boult Audio ProBass Anchor over ear Bluetooth headphone that comes with active noise cancellation feature, 40 mm Drivers with Microphone and 30 hours battery life. 

Build and finish of the Boult Audio ProBass Anchor is decent and does not feel fragile and cheap. This Bluetooth headphone ensures all-day listening comfort. The earcups have a foldable design, can easily fold and keep in a small place while travelling. On the other hand, the cushions are very soft, and will provide you with decent comfort. 

In terms of the sound, the Boult Audio ProBass Anchor comes with a 40mm Drivers inside each earcups. The sound quality of the headphone is pretty impressive, delivering punchy bass output, crystal clear mids and treble output. For voice calling, this headphone comes with an in-built  microphone, allowing hand free calling experience. 

The Active Noise Cancellation feature is the main focus of this headphone. The active noise cancellation feature of the headphone works pretty impressively, and blocks out most ambient sounds. 

The Boult Audio ProBass Anchor will last for up to 30hrs in single charge, while with Active noise cancellation on the headphone will last for 25 to 27 hours in single charge. 

If you are looking for the best active noise cancellation headphone under 5000 rupees, then Boult Audio ProBass Anchor headphone is an excellent choice for you.



3. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x
  • Professional studio monitoring headphone
  • Excellent sound isolation
  • Foldable design
  • Advanced build quality

Audio Technica ATH-M20X is the Over-Ear professional studio monitoring headphone which is an upgraded version of its precede ATH-M20. This professional monitor headphone is designed to produce a flat sound. 

The headphones have circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in noisy environments. The construction of the headphone is completely made of the good quality of plastic material, and it has a premium looking mate finishing on the top. 

The ATH-M20x headphone has a foldable design, so you can be carried around comfortably for all your trips. On the other hand, the headband is also flexible and offers a comfortable design to wear for a house with no issue. 

Speaking about the sound, the headphone is powered by the 40 mm drivers with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils that deliver really loud and produce crystal clear sounds.  The headphone operates in the frequency response range of 15-20,000Hz. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x produces a flat sound with absolutely no distortion. In contrast, the bass response is not boomy. This is what people are used to with most standard headphones. The other low and mid notes are decent and offer clear audio. Thanks to the fit, passive noise isolation is enough to easily suppress most ambient sounds.

As this is wired over headphones, there is no delay in sound, which is considered perfect for headphones used during games. In addition, the adjustable bit rate can be adjusted according to the data rate, so it works without problems. 

The Audio-Technica ATH-M20X is priced at Rs 4,299 and is a must buy for emerging audio fans. Professionals with small studios should definitely take a look at this friendly pair of headphones.



4. Philips Audios Actionfit Tash402Bk

Philips Audios Actionfit Tash402Bk
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  •  Flat-folding ear cup
  • Detachable cup cushions
  • Detailed sound signature

Philips is the prominent player in the electronic consumer market, manufacturers a variety of electronic products. Philips Audios Actionfit Tash402Bk is the affordable on-ear headphone that comes with amazing features like the latest Bluetooth 5.0, Echo Cancellation, Ipx4 Sweat Resistant and Smart pairing. 

The Philips Audios Actionfit Tash402Bk is made of the same hard plastic material as most headphones, and this headphone has a flat-folding ear cup to make storage in your gym bag easy. The ear cup cushions are detachable, so you can easily clean the cushion if they are getting faecal while using. 

In addition, thanks to the cooling ear-cup cushions, which help you keep you focused when the going gets hot.

Philips Audios Actionfit Tash402Bk features a 40 mm Neodymium acoustic driver under the hood, which delivers detailed sound signature with decent bass output, on the other hand, the mids and trebles are good. Thanks to great passive noise isolation that offers good sound effects by blocking much of the ambient unwanted sound. But It’s not as effective as the active noise collation headphones. 

The headphone is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing up to 10 meters of the strong wireless connection between device and headphone. Thanks to the smart pairing feature that automatically connects your device. The Ipx4 sweat resistance of the headphones handles water droplets. 

In terms of the battery life, Philips Audios Actionfit Tash402Bk will last for up to 20 Hour Play time in single charge. The headphone also supports the quick charging features, which offers  2 hours of playtime if you charge the battery for 10 mins. 



5. Tribit XFree Go Headsets

Tribit XFree Go Headsets
  •  Foldable design
  •  Flat-folding ear cup
  • Soft cushions on the ear cups
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bluetooth V5.0

Tribit Audio Limited is a Chinese audio equipment manufacturer that has dominated the market by offering feature-rich products such as Bluetooth speakers and headphones at affordable prices.

Tribit XFree Go Headsets are completely made from the high quality plastic material.The matte finish plastic is high quality and feels quite sturdy and durable in the hand. The Tribit XFree Go has a foldable design for easy portability.

With soft cushions on the ear cups, the Tribit XFree Go headphone is very comfortable to wear for long hours. Also, the headband has a comfortable cushion fabric that won’t distract you while listening to your favourite music.

The 40mm driver of this wireless Bluetooth headset can provide excellent sound output. The bass is throbbing and complemented by a well-balanced mid-high. The speakers will be large enough for you to enjoy the music in all its glory. There is no distortion even at high volume. Noise reduction works surprisingly well with pads that cover the entire ear, leaving no room for sound leakage.

Tribit XFree Go comes with Bluetooth V5.0 which supports many new codecs that allow this headset to deliver high quality wireless audio streams. It has a 3.5mm AUX port for wired connections to devices that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities, or if your headset’s battery is depleted.

The Tribit XFree Go headset features an impressive battery pack that will last for 24 hours in single charge. If you are looking for the best affordable headphone under Rs.3,000, then the Tribit XFree Go is an excellent option for you.



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