Best Trimmer Under Rs.1,000

best trimmers under Rs.1000

An electric beard trimmer or shaver is essential for maintaining facial hair. They help you make a charming beard. The best trimmers on the market offer a variety of features, including impressive battery life and different length settings for accurate touch-ups. By the way, finding the best trimmer on a budget is a difficult task as it requires a comprehensive study of trimmers and is a very difficult and time consuming task.

Fortunately, we have compared and analyzed the best beard trimmers available on the market and created a list of the best trimmers under Rs.1000. We hope this article will help you make a purchase decision. If you have any questions and think you need to check or include other models, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Following the successor to the Mi XXQ01HM Beard Trimmer, Xiaomi introduced the budget-oriented Beard Trimmer: MI Beard Trimmer 1C to the market at Rs.999. This budget-focused trimmer comes with amazing features that give your facial hair a fine touch-up.

In terms of build quality and design, this MI Beard Trimmer 1C is similar to the MiXX Q01HM. The overall structure of this budget trimmer is made of high quality plastic material that is durable and sturdy from the first impression.

This trimmer is extremely lightweight and compact, providing a better trimming experience and providing a firm grip while trimming facial hair.

There is an adjustable dial on the front for adjusting the length of the blade, offering different sizes for accurate facial hair cutting, and a clickable power button underneath the adjustable dial.

The MI 1C Beard Trimmer features a self-sharpened stainless steel blade that cuts facial hair easily and accurately. This trimmer has 20 different length settings from 0.5 to 10 mm. This affordable MI1C trimmer features a trimming comb with an adjustable round dial that allows you to manage blade lengths as needed.

With a range of different lengths, you can comfortably trim your beard to the style you want. The MI 1C Beard Trimmer has a removable head for easy cleaning, removal and clipping. With a 600mAh lithium-ion battery inside, the MI1C whiskers trimmer allows up to 60 minutes of cordless use.

The MI 1C whiskers trimmer has a micro USB port and supports fast charging. You can fully charge your device within 2 hours through this port. This budget trimmer has no wired operation and cannot be used while charging. The device has an LED indicator that indicates the battery level.


Size & Weight:3.6 x 3.8 x 15.2 cm; 161 Grams

Battery Life: Up to 45 minutes

Length Settings: 1.0Mm-5mm 

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Cutting Element: Stainless steel blades 

Warranty: 1 Year

2. Philips BT1212/15

The Philips BT1212 / 15 is the company’s budget trimmer that can be purchased for less than Rs 1000. The Philips BT1212 / 15 is a popular budget trimmer on the market with impressive build quality and decent performance. The build quality and design of the Philips BT12 12/15 is very impressive and comes with a unique design and dual color combination that makes it look sturdy and compact.

The entire body of the trimmer is made of high quality plastic material, which makes it feel very sturdy and durable when used.

The front part and power button not only give a unique look, but also have a nice textured finish that provides a better grip for manipulating the device, so you can easily switch between the buttons with your thumb.

The Philips BT1212 / 15 has a removable head that can be easily removed and cleaned. The Philips BT1212 / 15 features a self-sharpened, skin-friendly stainless steel blade with a rounded tip to prevent irritation during cutting.

This rounded edge tip not only cuts facial hair accurately but also provides a perfect yet protective trim and is designed to sharpen yourself when trimming.

The Philips BT1212 / 15 comes with three combs with a reach of 1mm, 5mm and 7mm. Can be used for clean trimming (0.5) without combs. The Philips BT1212 / 15 features DuraPower technology for long-lasting battery life. This budget trimmer is cordless and can be used continuously for 35 minutes.

The Philips BT1212 / 15 takes about 8 hours to fully charge. The biggest feature of this trimmer is that it comes with a micro USB port. This means you can charge it with a power bank, laptop, or regular phone charger. This trimmer is very useful, especially when traveling.


Size & Weight: 5 x 4 x 13 cm; 200 Grams

Battery Life: Up to 35 minutes 

Length Settings: 1.0mm-7mm

Charging Time: 8 Hours

Cutting Element: Stainless steel blades

Warranty: 2 Year

3. VGR V-055

The VGR V055 is one of the most affordable professional trimmers on the market and comes with a slightly unique design. This trimmer comes with 4 different combs that can be used for beard trimming, haircuts and even hair cutting. VGR V055 has a unique and attractive design, which is very stylish and durable. The trimmer’s build quality and design are impressive and made of decent plastic material with a matte finish.

By design, there are two different push-type buttons on the front, including a power button, the other for adjusting the blade. Overall, the build quality and design of the VGR V055 is excellent for the price, and it doesn’t feel cheap and bulky to the hand.

With a high quality stainless steel blade and sharp angle design, this trimmer brings out a gentle and comfortable haircut experience. The VGR V055 has four cutting combs: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. With these four combs, you can accurately cut facial hair and easily trim your beard if needed.

The VGR V055 lawn mower has a sharp angle designed with less blade contact adjustment to reduce friction between rounded tips for effective noise reduction. It acts as a self-sharpening blade, thanks to the tight tolerances between the blades that automatically polish without rusting.

The VGR V055 delivers up to 120 minutes of battery life on a single charge, as the company claims for the V055 trimmer. The battery life of the V055 trimmer is pretty decent in terms of performance. Thanks to the fast charging support that fully charges the battery in 1.5 to 2 hours. The VGR V055 Trimmer comes with a charging cable and can be charged via a standard charger, power bank, and any device that supports reverse charging.


Size & Weight: 5 x 4 x 13 cm; 200 Grams

Battery Life: Up to 120 minutes 

Length Settings: 1.0mm-5mm 

Charging Time: 2 Hours 

Cutting Element: Stainless steel blades 

Warranty: 1 Year

4. Kubra KB-8000

Kubra KB-8000 Cordless Fast Charge Slim Beard & Mustache Trimmer for Men. It can be purchased for less than 1000 rupees. The Kubra KB-8000 design looks much like the mi trimmer, but with different features. The entire body of the trimmer is made of plastic material and the matte finish on the top gives it a luxurious feel. This foil type trimmer has a round dial on the front to adjust the length of the comb. Below the dial is a power button that is easy to operate when trimming your beard.

This budget foil type trimmer has an IPX6 waterproof rating. This means that not only can this trimmer be used on wet skin, but it can also be soaked in water for a complete wash.

Kubra KB-8000 Stainless steel blade effectively and efficiently cuts facial hair, mustaches and sideburns. The round dial on the front has 40 length adjustment settings, and you can set the length from 0.25 mm to 10 mm to experience accurate trimming.

The Kubra KB-8000 offers a 90-minute runtime on a single charge, offering decent battery life and price compared to competitors. This budget foil type trimmer supports USB charging and can be charged via a power bank, laptop, PC, and standard phone charger. The trimmer also supports fast charging, which takes about 2 hours to fully charge from zero hundred percent.


Size & Weight: 5 x 4 x 13 cm; 200 Grams

Battery Life: Up to 90 minutes

Length Settings: 0.25mm to 10mm 

Charging Time: 2 Hours 

Cutting Element: Stainless steel blades

Additional features: IPX6 Waterproof, LED indicators

Warranty: 1 Year

5. Lifelong LLPCM05

Lifelong is a relatively new company in the Indian consumer electronics market. Throughout his life, he manufactures household and kitchen appliances, fitness and smart home accessories. Lifetime LLPCM05 build quality is made entirely of plastic. The trimmer has a slim and compact design that provides a great cutting experience.

The central body of the trimmer is basically textured to improve grip. Below that is a spinning wheel that adjusts the length of the clip for beard styling.

Overall, the build quality and design of the LLPCM05 for a lifetime is worth the price. Lifelong LLPCM05 removable stainless steel blade found on most foil type trimmers available on the market. This type of blade is sharp enough to effectively cut facial hair.

This budget trimmer has adjustable wheels that adjust the length between the blade and the clip from 0.4 to 10mm to keep your beard stylish yet clean. Lifetime LLPCM05 has a built-in Lion Battery Pack that provides up to 50 minutes of cordless use on a single charge.

It takes about 8 hours to charge this device from a depleted battery to 100% using the included USB cable. It also supports wire manipulation so you can use this trimming during the charging process.


Size & Weight: 12.4 x 4.5 x 18.5 cm; 200 Grams 

Battery Life: Up to 50 minutes

Length Settings: 0.4 to 10 mm

Charging Time: 8 Hours

Cutting Element: Stainless steel blades

Warranty: 1 Year

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