The 5 Ultimate Tips And Tricks To Choose The Right Wireless Earbuds

The 5 Ultimate Tips And Tricks To Choose The Right Wireless Earbuds.webp

Nowadays, mobile accessories are getting technologically advanced in terms of quality and affordability. Wireless earbuds is one of these that has almost replaced earphones. Yet, all wireless earbuds are not truly equal for there are dreadful ones too.

The market is full of such accessories where it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Quality choice is only possible if one exercises carefulness which results in ignoring the dreadful ones and end up having worthy ones.

Earbuds are accessories that mediates between us and the world as listening to someone’s voice can bring pleasure or listening to music can make you calm, happy and energetic. Contrary to this, a dreadful accessory can turn into a drastic experience.

Most of might prefer to have a wired earphone for its being easily available in the market. Though one can not ignore the fact that they demand extra care. So, presented here are the tips and tricks to choose right wireless earbuds.  

Cost Matters

A many earbuds are available in the market that might attract our attention due to cheap cost. Most of them appear to be earbuds but they are not in essence. What signals good wireless earbud? Having a good Bluetooth chip. Low cost earbuds means cheaper in quality which means Bluetooth chips used in the accessory is of low quality which results delayed transmission. This can be experienced while one is playing a game or watching a video. In addition, poor microphones are used in cheaper models which turn out to be a mess while attending or making calls.

Codec Matters

Knowing which codec model supports your handset matters a lot for it governs the transmission of audio over Bluetooth. Furthermore, encoding and decoding audio transmission depends on it. Often, the most basic model used is SBC which has not proved to be a pleasant experience due to its slow transmission. In this codec, division of frequencies into bands and separate encoding results in delayed transmission. Above all, such earbuds don’t support high quality sounds.

If you happen to be a user of Apple, make sure if the earbuds support ACC. So while buying a pair of earbuds, choose ACC supported for it provide high quality experience. Among others, aptX or LDAC is of no use. For an android user, the world is theirs. Most recent models support aptX which pleases the ears.  A good case for charging helps you charge your earbuds easily. There are some cases having in-built batteries which charge earbuds actively. A many models support charging without trouble of pugging wires into the charging case.  


The figure quoted by earbud manufacturers about battery timing is mostly around three to five hours. In reality, they don’t perform according to their claimed timing, expect its performance to be one or two hours lesser than the claimed. Most of the time, the battery dies out so quickly thus expect reduction of device’s life.

After the power comes to an end, earbuds must be popped up in their charging case back for recharging through built-in battery of the charging case. The case has a sufficient battery to charge the earbuds twice or thrice before the device itself needs to be charged. It is necessary to know the ideal time required by you before the device need to pop up back for charging.  

 Control Features

Most of the models, though expensive includes control buttons on the earpieces which control the functions like: increasing or reducing volume, issuing voice commands or taking phone calls. Contrary to these models, cheaper models don’t offer any control buttons. This means that you have to keep your phone close to your hands for controlling or regulating what you are listening. Best of the earbuds can even pause music without your interference when you pull out an earbud from your ear. While choosing a pair, have a close look if the control pads are included. It is quite comforting if these are offered but choose those that are responsive.

Right Ear-tips

Ear-tips are significant part of right earbuds. They are of different types in shapes and size. There are some of them which don’t include silicon ear-tips like Apple Airpods. Silicon ear-tips don’t allow outside noise to enter. If you are an Apple user, it is difficult to try third party ear-tips for they are large to fit into the original charging case.

Give a try to Airpods Pro if you are looking for a right earbuds. It has silicon ear-tips along with noise cancelation specification. A few years back, this feature was limited. But now there are many which fights against noise. In addition, noise cancellation feature come along with ‘hear through’ feature which enable you to listen what is being said around you without bothering to remove earbuds. 

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