Xiaomi’s new wireless charger “Mi Air Charge” can charge your device over-the-Air

Mi Air charger

Xiaomi today introduced the new wireless charger “Mi Air Charge” that can charge the device over the air or across the room with no use of cables, wireless pads and stands. This differs from existing wireless charging technologies, such as those based on the widely adopted Qi standard, where power is transferred wirelessly using inductive charging over distances of up to 4 centimetres.

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge is said to charge multiple devices “within a few meters in radius” and even in the presence of physical obstacles. Despite the announcement, the technology is not immediately available and remains in the conceptual stage.

To enable the new Mi Air Charge wireless charging experience, Xiaomi has developed an in-house isolated charging pile with a phase-controlled array of 144 antennas that transmit millimetre-wide waves. These waves are sent directly to smartphones that need to be charged by beamforming.

They also equip the charging pile with five phase interference antennas to locate the smartphone. Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology has only been introduced so far, a Xiaomi spokeswoman said on Twitter that Mi Air Charge is currently a tech demo and will not appear in any consumer product this year.

It states in. It’s currently unknown whether Xiaomi has applied for regulatory approval for the new wireless charging technology. The company also does not provide details on whether the development has been tested for health risks.

Because Xiaomi uses its own technology infrastructure, smartphones running Mi Air Charge require an antenna array with a built-in beacon antenna and receive antenna array. Beacon antennas broadcast location information with low power consumption. The 14-antenna array of receiving antennas converts millimetre-wave signals emitted from the charging pile into electrical energy via a rectifier circuit, providing a sci-fi charging experience, “the company said in a blog post.

They say a former model of Mi Air Charge technology that provides 5W remote charging to a single device within a radius of a few meters. However, the company claims that it is possible to charge multiple devices at the same time with each device that supports 5W using the same technology.

Xiaomi has shown new technology for smartphones, but says it will work quickly with smartwatches, bracelets and other wearables. Soon, all living room devices, including speakers, desk lamps, and other small smart home products, will be built on a completely wireless power supply design, making the living room truly wireless, “the company said. I will.

Like Xiaomi, Motorola seems to develop a unique wireless charging technology that can charge smartphones at distances up to 1 meter. Lenovo executives posted a video on Weibo to showcase a prototype of a new technology powered by the Motorola One Hyper brand. No specific details have been disclosed.

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